How does Danadim compare to traditional dimethoate formulations? Low odour and a 2 year shelf life.


Danadim is an insecticide and acaricide with combined systemic and contact action.
It is suitable for use in a wide range of crops to control chewing and sucking pests.

Active ingredient: 400 g/L dimethoate with a unique stabiliser

For control of mites & aphids on:

  • Cereals (wheat, barley, oats, triticale)
  • Pastures, Pasture Seed and forage crops


Danadim is also registered for use on a wide range of insect pests on tree crops, vegetables, citrus, cotton, lucerne, peanuts and ornamentals as listed on the product label.

why  choose  danadim?

benefits  of  using  Danadim

  • Assured 2 year shelf life
  • Low odour
  • Quick knockdown action
  • Nonylphenol free
  • Complimentary with Picus seed treatment
    – provides upfront control of redlegged earth mite

dimethoate  superior  formulation  technology

An innovative dimethoate formulation containing nonylphenyl-free emulsifiers, solvents and a unique stabiliser.

The stabilised Danadim formulation inhibits:

  1. degradation of the active ingredient
  2. the formation of by-products

By-products reduce the life of active ingredients and increase mammal toxicity, especially under warm weather conditions.

The stable formulation gives Danadim a longer shelf life at high temperatures compared to traditional dimethoate formulations.

typical  data  for  degradation  rate
of  danadim  and  traditional  dimethoate

danadim  attributes

Systemic  mode  of  action

Danadim is systemic – it is quickly absorbed by plant tissues and then translocated within the plant. This means it controls pests feeding on the underside surface of the leaf.

In densely sown cereal crops, this systemic action means it is effective in controlling aphids feeding on both the upper and lower plant parts.  Non-synthetic insecticides like pyrethroids mainly control aphids feeding on the upper plant parts in cereal.

Fast  acting

Danadim is effective shortly after application. It provides quick knockdown activity at the low rate.

Option  to  use  a  higher  rate

Danadim is the only dimethoate product on the market that has the option of using a higher rate in major crops for extended residual control of redlegged earth mite.

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Danadim® is registered trademark of Cheminova A/S, Denmark APVMA Approval No: 56454

How does Danadim compare to traditional dimethoate formulations? Low odour and a 2 year shelf life.